A Word from Our President

jane jacobs

Jane Jacobs
Club President-2017

Welcome to our Website! If you are a first time visitor we hope you will stay and browse through the Club Profile below and scan our recent and upcoming event offerings. You will gain greater insight into the fun and fellowship of the Club by checking out our newsletter archive collection. We promise a warm welcome and great opportunity for making new friends. Joining is easy and we welcome both family and single membership. Feel free to contact me directly anytime.
I’d be pleased to hear from you.


Who We Are

In 2000 a small group of ex-pats in the Sarasota area came to realize that, with the increasing number of British families in the region, a British social club would be the appropriate vehicle to foster a spirit of ancestral connection and socialization. While the majority of our members are British born, others have joined because of a British background or simply having an interest in British culture. We have developed a workable formula for a successful club whose numbers have grown from a small group of five families to our present level of over 180 family and single members. Many current members have belonged to the Club since inception and have formed lifelong bonds.

What We Offer

The Club offers an eclectic mix of activities and venues to encourage friendship through kinship. If you browse through our Newsletter Archive you will see our events history covers a broad range of interests e.g.

  • Restaurant and wine tasting gatherings
  • Theatre visits, backstage explorations
  • Beach outings, aquatic adventures
  • Educational and historical venues
  • Life Experience Exchanges
  • Quiz and game nights
  • Sporting activities
  • Special celebrations such as Guy Fawkes Night
  • And, as a finale, our annual, semi-formal Christmas dinner/dance.

There is always something new and fresh afoot to keep members engaged and active. Beyond things social, the club also offers community outreach by supporting local charitable organizations.

What To Do

You are encouraged to check out our most recent monthly newsletter and come to one of our up-coming events. For more information contact any Board member who will be most happy to inform and assist.